• Simon Caddy

Gloves Up, Knives Down

If you haven't seen the post about this event, go here.

We are working hard to raise awareness about the menace that is knife crime, and the fact that this is becoming a bigger problem in our community every single day.

Since opening the registrations for this event on Wednesday 28th August 2019 (only 1 week ago!) we have had nearly 30 people signup to take part in this great fundraising event.

BUT...we have had almost as many people ask if we could raise the age limit to above 30 as they want to take part, and even plenty of women asking if they can register too!

The answers to both of these are YES and YES!

Registration is open until Sunday 15th September 2019 and regardless of age, gender, ability, fitness levels or anything else we want you to be a part of this.

Take a stand against knife crime.

Show us you won't allow it.


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